Transgenic Mouse Facility tmf
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Users of the TMF services

Institute of Neuroscience University of Oregon Institute of Molecular Biology University of Oregon

College of Pharmacy
Oregon State University

Cell & Developmental Biology
Oregon Health and Sciences University

Shriners Research Center, Portland OR
Shriners Hospital for Children

Collaborations and contacts

Genome Modification Facility, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Director: Manfred Baetscher
We are very grateful to Manferd Baetscher and his team for extensive training in all aspects of pronuclear and blastocyst injections as well as ongoing advice and support in regards to our ES cell work.

Stanford Transgenic Research Center
Dr. Hong Zeng, Research Scientist
We thank Hong Zeng for her advice on and assistance with ES cell culture and blastocyst injection.
Transgenic Facility, NIMH, Maryland
Director: Dr. Jim Pickel
We thank Jim Pickel and his team for providing us with training in ES cell culture work and use of their B6-GFP ES cell lines.
Jackson Laboratories, Maine
TMF staff regularly attends workshops at the Jackson Laboratories in order to keep informed on innovations in the field of transgenic technologies.
International Society for Transgenic Technologies, Madrid
President: Dr. Lluis Montoliu
The TMF has been a Member of ISTT since 2007 and its staff regularly attends meetings organized or sponsored by ISTT.