Welcome to the IoN Travel Page - Everything You Need to Know about ConcurTravel 

All travel must be approved in advance by completing a Concur Request

Airfare MUST be booked through Concur or our TMC (Travel Management Company)

URL:  Log in using your UO credentials.  If you are unsuccessful logging in, after four attempts, Concur will suspect phishing and block your account for 24 hours.  *Chrome seems to work best as a browser

Profile - Please review/update your profile settings

Requests - You can complete the online form and IoN travel will complete your request and send me a screen shot of the exact flight that you want  OR you can read the Self-Service directions and complete it yourself.  *New: Self-Service directions with visuals (this was prepared for SfN training, so ignore per diem amount)

Personal Time - Personal time added to a trip and the comparison shows personal time is a higher cost, use TMC (Direct Travel).  Here are instructions on how to do a comparison.  Here are instructions on how to send the approval.

New!!! Expense - When you return, your travel needs to be Expensed.  If you would like IoN travel to complete your Expense Report, please complete and submit this Excel Spreadsheet to IoN travel, and you will be notified (via a Concur email) when it is ready to submit.  It you would like to try it yourself, follow the instruction in the Concur User Manual.

Take a look at the UO Travel website for updated info, training's, video's.

Concur FAQ's, tips, and definitions:

One Card - If you travel more than once a year, you need this!

With the rollout of Concur for Travel, the UO is offering a new corporate travel visa card program called One Card.  This corporate card program is available to all UO business travelers.  The One Card is a corporate travel card, not a personal-liability card, and will be paid directly by UO. Travelers won’t have to “float” payments on the card while waiting for a travel reimbursement, and won’t have to deal with interest charges.  The One Card will be linked to the traveler’s Concur account, and posted transactions will automatically appear in their Concur expense reports. 

To qualify you must have a .5FTE or greater UO appointment with forecast pay. If you have already applied for the new UO One Card, thank you!

How to apply:

Go to  Log in with your UO credentials and navigate to Business Affairs, Travel, UO One Card corporate Travel Credit Card Request.

1.   UO employee fills out the form and clicks Save.

2.   Next Screen - Click Edit and in the next screen enter your Budget Authority’s email address ( Save.

3.   Next screen:   At bottom, click arrow to Send document

4.   Next screen:  At bottom, review and sign the cardholder agreement.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include your legal name, your 95# (UO ID), and your email address  

Questions:  send email to or call 541.346.3313 OR

UO Travel Department 541.346.3100 or

Travelnews:  Updated when new is sent out